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About Us

The GreenSpace promise is to treat everyone we encounter with a warm smile.  We believe that mankind and the environment are to be both valued and respected. GreenSpace actions are best for our associates, clients, the public and the earth.

Our research supports a public demand for convenient and affordable recycling, yet not many have the time or resources to get the job done efficiently. Since 2008 Pierce Maintenance and Recycling, now known as GreenSpace Recycling, has been a "go to" for companies that are faced with recycling and waste obstacles. We are now well know for our unique ability to be a waste and cost reduction tool for the communities we serve.  We are very thankful to those that put their trust in our team which has lead to many long lasting professional relationships.

Our services are currently offered in Bend Oregon, the North East Region of Washington, including The Tri-Cities, Spokane and Spokane Valley. As of June 2014 GreenSpace Recycling services will also be available in the San Jose Bay area and surrounding cities of California.

We are a full-service recycling and waste management company offering a cleaner, greener and convenient approach to waste and recycling challenges.  This service has proven success for both the multi-family and commercial industries.  In 2012 GreenSpace Recycling began also offering services to commercial properties which has proven great success for movie theatres, shopping malls,    medical and business plazas as well as restaurants.

It is our job to be a pre-sorter and agent between property owners/ managers and their garbage haulers. GreenSpace Recycling provides onsite separation of recyclable resources such as cardboard, glass, plastics and metals. Sorting onsite has proven to be the most effective at reducing cost, wasteful dumping and supporting a healthy environment.

The GreenSpace process not only significantly reduces wasteful dumping in our landfills but also offers a helping hand to support a clean and safe environment at the property level.