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Austin Pierce
Bay Area Regional Manager 
Bay Area CA

Austin’s working experiences with GreenSpace Recycling began in Bend Oregon in 2012 while he provided local coverage as a fill in employee. As time passed he became a trusted team member with expressed interest in developing his role into a more substantial title with added responsibilities. When planning for the expansion into the Bay Area of California during the summer of 2014, management clearly identified him as a vital role in market set up, training and quality control for the new acquisition. Now serving as the Bay Area Regional Manager, Austin greatly contributes to the backbone of our local success.

“I am glad to be part of this amazing company and all that it stands for. My parents had a vision for growth and we are now embracing that potential. Not only is this company a tool for helping the environment but we also contribute to the communities that we serve. Participating in the process of my family’s business has been exciting, exhausting, rewarding and a dream come true, requiring many long days which have been well worth it. 

Adrian Chavez
Space Manager & Driver
Bay Area CA

Upon interviewing Adrian, it was obvious that he was a missing link to the workforce in the bay area. Now being the driver for all Bay Area locations, Adrian's fan base continues to increase and comments of appreciation are often noted. Maintenance staff express their appreciation of his hard work, stating that their workload has decreased by his diligence and that their waste areas have never been cleaner. Adrian's ability to remember the smallest of route details and tasks shines positively on him. Clients comment that he “always makes time to say a kind word and wears a smile”. His long term goals are to make GreenSpace Recycling his committed profession in upper management.

“Born and raised in San Jose California, I am big sports fan of The San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors and Miami Dolphins. Prior to my time with GreenSpace I was attending school to become a medical assistant at I.B.T. During my education I gained interests in other professions and that is when I applied for a position with this company. Serving is what I do best whether it be in a medical profession or environmental.