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Rick Pierce
Co-Founder & Owner

I have worked in the recycling industry since 2001 and have become very familiar with the daily waste challenges that clients face.  I am very hands on with all aspects of my company  and never want to lose the personal connections I have grown to respect with those that put their trust in my team.  

What I enjoy most about my career is having a family business that creates local jobs and gives me the opportunity to serve people. Every time I have the opportunity to create an additional position, I am reassured that there is a growing need for the type of services that GreenSpace provides.  I have to admit it feels pretty good to have clients tell me that they wouldn’t want to go back to the way it was before working with us.

Mickayla Pierce 
Co-Founder & Owner

I am very excited to be part of such a necessary company like GreenSpace Recycling.
It feels great knowing that our services are contributing to a better future for my children,  providing our clients financial savings, cleaning up neighborhoods and providing jobs for our local communities.

I have always been one to look for earth friendly ideas and it is very gratifying to be taking such an active role in the "green movement". My dream is to one day help our local schools adopt effective and sustainable approaches to recycling so that future generations learn the values of recycling, reusing and reclaiming material that should not be lost in the landfills.  

John Chamberlain

Regional Director

Having the experience of working in the multifamily industry for one of the largest management companies in the U.S. for the last 7 years taught me the daily ins and outs of managing properties. Each day had a new challenge with the focus centered around operational costs and budgets."

"GreenSpace visited my office in 2011 and with in 2 minutes I knew this concept was a “no brainer”. Their offer to save my owners money, my team time and create more timely unit turns was a perfect solution to addressing my budget and relieving trash stressors for my team. Immediately there was an improvement in curb appeal, waste diversion, recycling challenges and lack of participation along with tenant satisfaction for our “green conscious” families."

"Now working as the  Regional Director, I have an opportunity to bring my satisfied customer view of this company to the rest of my community. When I hear the words “no brainer” attached to my career and business, I couldn’t be more proud of my choice to join the GreenSpace Team.

Amy Dishaw

Business Solutions Advisor

With the growth that the company was experiencing in 2014, the opportunity and need for additional administrative support had arrived. Amy was sought after due to her known ability and choice of creating a “wow” experience for her clients. After many positive encounters with her it was obvious that she would be a great addition to the team as our Business Solutions Advisor. Since joining the team in August of 2014 she has been a key support to the developing California region.

“I have 28 years’ experience managing businesses and the people that make them successful including over 8 years of military supportive roles in AAFES, (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) and MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation). For 13 years I excelled at finding solutions to everyday problems and helping people recover from the unexpected while working for the number one insurer in the U.S. I am thrilled to work in a vocation that truly makes a positive difference in the lives of those I am helping."  I feel our company plays a vital roll in helping not only our environment but the people that inhabit it.